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Homeopathic Support for Cold & Flu Season

with Kathleen Scheible

Dates: 11/10/2019 From: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Learn about the best homeopathic remedies, as well as herbal /food support, to help resolve colds and flus sooner! Learn the difference between homeopathic remedies and herbs, how often to take a homeopathic remedy when you or your child are sick, (and when to go to the doctor).
Kathleen* will also offer a limited number of homeopathic remedy kits for sale for $40. It’s handy to have a kit especially if you are using homeopathy for your family, so that you have the most commonly indicated remedies on hand when someone first gets sick.


Workshop Rate: Early Bird: $30 by 11/03, $38 11/4-11/10 on
*Local homeopath Kathleen Scheible, CCH has been practicing homeopathy, helping kids & adults of all ages to improve their overall health and reduce or resolve chronic health issues with homeopathic medicine since 2005. Kathleen transitioned to homeopathy from mechanical engineering after homeopathy resolved her son and step-son’s chronic health issues in 2003 (working with a local professional homeopath). Kathleen has offered free homeopathic care for seniors in Bernal Heights since 2011 at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, twice monthly on Fridays, see the Bernal Homeopathy website for more details.




Early Bird by 11/03


11/4 – 11/10

pilates heights

♥ Love

Pilates Heights is a neighborhood gem and more!

The bright, upstairs studio is small, but they have all the equipment you could want or need. More importantly, they have excellent instructors

-senga d.

Awesome! Great group of teachers. I have joint a couple of years ago. Had to stop a few month for personal reasons and missed the weekly sessions greatly.
Finally back and starting to feel strong again.

-lucia f.

I came here once a week for about a year after a car accident left me with a lot of back pain. Elizabeth was a great instructor and was so consistently kind.
This studio is such a nice part of a nice neighborhood!

-sara l.