• Class bookings. Group classes can be booked in advance by phone or online 15 days to 30 minutes before the class starts. All classes have a 24-hour cancellation notice.
  • 24-hour cancellation notice. Pilates Heights has a 24 hour cancellation / rescheduling policy for Private Pilates, Duo Pilate, Group Pilates and workshop sessions. No-shows or cancellations and reschedules with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full class rate.
  • Automatic reminder emails. Theses are sent out 36 hours before your appointment or class. It is the client’s responsibility to check spam/junk mail boxes for any incoming mail. Pilates Heights is not responsible for any bounced or failed email communications.
  • Private Pilates & Duet Pilates appointment reservations. Sessions can be scheduled by calling or emailing the studio and regular set appointments can also be scheduled.
  • Distraction-free environment. Pilates Heights aims to create a quiet and peaceful Pilates practice space. Anyone entering Pilates Heights is requested to put their cell phone on silent – no vibration or beeping alerts. Wearing scented products, including fragrances is not accepted at Pilates Heights as these products may cause adverse health effects in a closed-circulation room where people are exercising. Pilates Heights provides cubbies and coat racks for personal belongings which should be stored neatly, with umbrellas left at the bottom of the studio stairs. Pilates Heights requests that all clients keep conversations to a minimum, both in the studio and the waiting areas.
  • Private Pilates & Duet session times. In order to ensure smooth sailing in the studio, all private and duet sessions are 50 minutes in length.
  • Group Pilates class times. Pilates group classes are 55 minutes in length, unless stated otherwise on the class schedule. All group classes require pre-registration.
  • Group Pilates Instructors subject to change. Any Instructor changes will be noted on our Group Pilates page as soon as they are known about out of courtesy. Pilates Heights is under no obligation to give prior notice of any Instructor changes to clients.
  • Group class one student policy. If only one student shows up to class, we will not cancel the class. The one student will have the option to take a 30 minute private session for the price of their one class -OR- use 2 classes on their package for a full private session.
  • Pilates Workshop Series session time. Both the four and eight week Pilates Workshop Series are made up of classes 55 minutes in length, unless stated otherwise on the schedule. To guarantee your spot, pre-registration and payment are required before the first class in the Pilates Workshop.
  • Package purchases. All Private Pilates, Duo Pilates and Group Pilates sessions expire three months from the first session date attended. Sudden illness and injury may allow package validity to be extended on arrangement with Pilates Heights.
  • Injuries and illness. New and existing Pilates Heights clients with an undiagnosed chronic pain or injury are required to seek out professional medical advice prior to their next Pilates session. Pilates Heights Instructors can work with physicians or practitioners in helping clients once a diagnosis has been established. Local referrals are available on request
  • Payment method. Pilates Heights accepts cash, credit cards, Bernal Bucks or local personal checks for any Pilates Heights purchase. A $25.00 USD charge is levied for bounced or returned checks. All sales are final.

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♥ Love

After one year (of doing Pilates regularly) I rarely experienced muscle spasms. Posture improved. Gait improved. I now have tools I can use anywhere (movement sequences as well as props) to realign, stretch and strengthen muscles. My muscles are learning new ways of responding to my curved spine. When my body talks I am more likely to listen and be respectful of what she is saying. I try to be interested and not annoyed. You (Elizabeth) listen and watch intently and give me feedback and suggestions that are invariably insightful and beneficial. I feel I have a partner in health maintenance. Although I continue with my little morning program and wakeful awareness, I will not continue to improve without the ongoing guidance you provide. Thank you.

(After my first session) I felt sore and a little dubious that I could achieve what was promised doing these exercises that seemed so unchallenging in many ways, certainly not what I’d ever had experience with before. I started feeling and seeing results within weeks. I first noticed how strong I FELT. Then I noticed that my abs looked killer. Then I noticed that without noticing I’d become almost pain free!

I decided to start taking better care of myself and started Pilates as a birthday gift to myself. I’m not fond of “gym culture” and I wanted to try one on one training… I started to notice a difference after the first month or so, having more energy, enjoying the challenge of each session, feeling stronger, more confident. I feel excited about continuing my Pilates workouts: I am stronger and more flexible + more knowledgeable about body mechanics and how to deal with aches and pains when they arise. Pilates has definitely contributed to an increase in self esteem, open myself up to venture, ever so slowly, into other physical activity (at least try it and see if it’s for me). I see myself speaking up with more confidence, “having more weight”, feeling grounded… My mood uplifted.