Private One-on-One Session

Private sessions are ideal for designing a program that addresses your unique fitness needs and goals.

You will work under the close supervision of a trainer to learn how to manage and care for your body in ways that are supportive through life. Your first private session will include a consultation with your trainer to design a program that meets your individual fitness goals. Sessions involve a series of exercises performed on specialized Pilates apparatus and on mats to enhance the movements in a variety of positions. You will be given stretches and exercises as homework to further your progress, giving you the tools to bring Pilates into your daily life and ultimately empowering you toward your true wellbeing.

questions about private sessions?

our most frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of private sessions?

Private sessions are unique in that you receive tailored instruction geared to uncover your hidden strengths and take control of chronic weaknesses!  Private sessions are our most popular service here at Pilates Heights.  Starting with private sessions will allow you to truly embody and learn how the exercises & sequences should be performed as well as any modifications that might be needed for your body.  If you choose to do group classes later, you will receive greater benefits from the exercises by knowing and applying the proper technique as well as any personal modifications needed to prevent possible injury. Many of our clients stick with private sessions long term while some choose to combine privates and group classes in their weekly schedule.  To view our new client private intro specials, please click here.

I’ve never done Pilates and/or I’m kinda out of shape - is this right for me?

If this is you, you’re not alone – we get this question a lot as well! What is so awesome about the Pilates Method is that it’s very adaptable to nearly all ages and stages in life. We work with clients of all ages and fitness levels at our studio. You do not need to be in any kind of shape to get started, we start right where you are. Similarly, if you are a skilled athlete or dancer, but haven’t worked much on your core or flexibility, Pilates can be that missing link to take you to the next level, while helping you stay injury-free (keeping you on your game for longer)! Our clients are a diverse bunch: men and women, nurses, teachers, deconditioned folks, rockin’ athletes, dancers, yogis, mamas and papas, millenials, baby boomers, gen-X-ers, senior citizens, bartenders, lawyers, gardeners, doctors, techies, artists, entrepreneurs, you name it!

What can I expect in the first private session(s)?

Each session varies with each individual depending on multiple factors – previous experience (if any), current fitness level, current injuries or chronic pain and fitness goals.. With that said, your sessions will be progressive and your instructor will begin by introducing you to the Pilates fundamentals, matwork and will likely progress to working on various Pilates apparatus – Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, etc. Throughout your time, you will begin to embody the Pilates principles:

  • Centering – All work is initiated and controlled through the center, or “Powerhouse” – which includes the deep abdominal muscles along with the muscles closest to the spine, the muscles in the back, the gluteal muscles and the upper thigh muscles. Control of the Powerhouse is achieved by integrating the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle. All exercises are done with proper alignment to maintain balance in the body.
  • Concentration – Exercises are performed with focused concentration, paying attention to every movement. The mind guides the body, and they work together as a team, with every exercise requiring the full attention of the participant.
  • Control – When performing the exercises properly, you are in control of all of the movement of your body. Momentum has no place in Pilates, and habit does not guide the execution of the exercises.
  • Precision – All exercises are performed with a clear structure and precise form. The work emphasizes quality, not quantity in order to reach the full benefit of each exercise.
  • Breath – The pattern of breathing is connected with the pattern of movement. All exercises are done with a rhythm and dynamic related to the heartbeat and breathing, ensuring a free flow of oxygen throughout the body. This improves circulation and helps avoid unnecessary tension in the muscles.
  • Flow – The full workout is designed for one exercise to flow naturally into the next. There is a minimum of movement between exercises to create a maximum flow. In combination with deep and relaxed breathing, the flowing movements in Pilates reduce stress on the body and the risk of injury.
When can I schedule a private session? (as early as, as late as, weekends too)

We ask that you schedule with us in the office via phone or email. We do not offer online scheduling for private sessions. We offer private and duet appointments 7-days / week morning, afternoon and evenings. Our earliest appointments start at 8am and our latest start at 7:30pm, depending on the day. You may reserve a regular, weekly appointment (or more). In fact, we encourage you to do so! Having a weekly appointment or two on your calendar is a great way to ensure your progress. If you have an irregular work schedule, travel often and/or find it difficult to maintain your weekly reservation, we ask that you schedule weekly instead. Regular, ongoing reservations are designed for students who can commit to coming in every week at the same time. We understand, of course, that occasional vacations or illness come up.

What We Also Offer

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private pilates sessions

Private sessions are ideal for designing a program that addresses your unique fitness needs and goals.

Pilates Duets

Duets (2-person sessions) are a great way to experience many of the benefits of personal training, with a partner, at a reduced rate.

Small Group Pilates Mat & Springboard Classes

Mat work is the heart of the Pilates program and can be a lot of fun in a group setting.

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I was interested in trying pilates for years, but as an avid yogi I wasn’t sure I would have time for both. I have learned many of the benefits of pilates and truly believe it has enhanced my yoga practice. Now I definitely make time for both!


Pilates has been the missing link for me in total fitness. It has enabled me to improve my yoga practice, cycling, running and even just standing and walking. Pilates has taught me immensely about my anatomy and how to use all the right components (especially breathing!) to build a stronger core but more importantly a healthier body. I truly feel that Pilates has united my mind and body and simply stated, I look and feel better.


After my C-Section, I could barely touch my toes. Pilates helped me regain my strength and feel good about my body again.